Art show openings and events around town

Skill Share Festival 2018

At Julian Woods Community Rain or Shine

All Day July 21!

Family friendly & All are welcome!

Julian Woods Community Deb's Flower Farm

290 Julian Woods Ln Julian, PA 16844

Schedule of Events

11-noon Arrive & Check in (Carpools encouraged)

12:30-1 Opening Welcome Circle

1:15-5:30 Variety of workshops to choose from including kid activities

6pm Potluck at Deb's House Please bring a dish to share

7:30pm Drum Circle- Bring rattles, drums, or just yourselves. We will have instruments to share!

Workshop Details

1:15 "Yoga Nidra" -- The Art of Deep Relaxation
A gentle yoga flow with an extended Yoga Nidra practice followed by pranayama & meditation.

Presented by Kerry Zelmoon Kerri’s journey on the path of yoga began in 2005. She is a certified TriYoga® instructor and has been teaching with TriYoga of Central Pennsylvania since 2011. The TriYoga® method of practice focuses on slow movement sequences and traditional asana practice integrated with breath awareness, mudra and meditation. Kerri is also an experienced massage therapist in practice for over 10 years.

1:15 "Make Your Mark" Children's Art Project
A community collaborative project that invites participants to add their drawings to a growing collage that will be displayed along side the work of Jo Margolis and Kate McGraw in the Manual Labor exhibition in the Robeson Gallery. Drawing, making patterns, cutting and folding to shape the your art and add your name to the list of contributing artists. All are welcome to participate.

Presented by Sarah Kipp Sarah is a painter and performance artist who explores autobiographical elements of the physical and mental self. Kipp is interested in who and what we are as humans, what it really means to be alive and how our perspective changes as we grow. She has exhibited her work throughout New York, as well as in galleries in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Galway, Ireland. Kipp works as the Exhibition Coordinator for the HUB-Robeson Galleries at Penn State University and maintains a studio practice from her home

1:15 "The Listener Effect"
Using our creative interests to attain specific goals in issues that matter to us. We will be looking at some work samples of 'Transformational Art' and talking practically about people using their own creative interests to affect change in issues they care about. Participants will be encouraged to share samples of their own creative ideas and works and we will workshop applying those things in a transformational manner.

Presented by Jonathan Bojan Jonathan has taught music lessons for 8 years. He has a degree in music theory from Temple, and has been creating transformation art actively for the past 3 years.

2:30 "Chi Gong & Tai Chi"
Group will be lead through breathing techniques with gentle movements known as Chi Gong and then flow into Tai Chi poses for all levels.

Presented by Evan Foster Evan has been practicing Tai Chi for 14yrs and has trained under various teachers and modalities. He currently teaches at the YMCA in State College and Dragonfly Massage and Spa.

2:30 "Exploring Your Divine Channel"
Many of us are familiar with our 5 physical senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, & feeling), but are you aware that you also possess 6 metaphysical senses that can assist you in receiving messages from the Spirit World? In this fun and interactive class, participants will receive an introduction to their metaphysical senses and experience a guided meditation to clear their energy fields. The class will also have a chance to practice using their metaphysical senses in a unique partner exercise.

Presented by Desiree & Terri Dennis Desiree Dennis (Spirit Medium & Reiki Master) & Terri Dennis (Life Coach, Reiki Healer, & Past-Life Regressionist) are a mother-daughter team dedicated to offering healing, guidance, and empowerment. Currently, their private practice has reached thousands of clients worldwide through in-person & phone sessions. Together, they travel the country teaching workshops on spirit mediumship, past lives, manifestation, intuitive development, Reiki healing, and more! In addition, they co-founded the "Spirit Guidance and Healing Center" in their hometown of State College, Pennsylvania where they offer dozens of classes yearly, as well as their monthly "Spirit Junction" community gatherings. They have received spiritual training from Dr. Brian Weiss, James Van Praagh, William Lee Rand, and more.

2:30 "Flower Arranging"
Join Katherine for a Farm-to-table flower arranging experience! Cut Organically grown Dahlias from our green house and learn some basic arranging techniques, creating a bouquet that you can take home and enjoy!!!

Presented by Katherine Fisher Katherine has been in the floral design business for over 10 years. Her love for nature & art inspires her creative flower arrangements.

2:30 “Amazing Animals" Children's Activity
Exploring tracks of animals of PA we'll do some nature sensory activities, transitioning to animal signs and tracks. We'll learn to identify tracks and make paintable molds out of salt dough. Presented by Courtney Kissell Courtney works at the Millbrook Marsh Nature Center connecting kids with nature.

3:15 "Dancing the Inside Out" Give Voice to your body & soul
Movement is our first language and through it we can access our innate nature. Join in this all level, no experience needed, movement class and move as YOU!! We will tap into our inner landscape and let essence move the body. This is not about how the dance looks, it is about how the dance feels, how it moves you, and what insights that leads you into. This is truly a movement ritual letting the body be the bridge from essence to expression. Let go and let your soul move!

Presented by Elisha Clark Halpin Elisha is a leader, teacher, and mentor. Her work teaches you to uncover and live fully from your innate radiance. Through 1:1, group, and immersive programs she guides her students into the process of identifying and reclaiming their truth. Elisha believes that through connecting to our deep self and embodying our soul's unique song we can't help but radiate light into the world. As the creator of the Heroine's Mystical Journey and the holder of the Radiant Temple, Elisha works with women to step into sovereignty through healing the past, coming fully into presence, and opening to the mystery of life. Elisha has trained in numerous modalities and frameworks, including as a Warrior Goddess Training Facilitator, Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator, Crystal Healer, Reiki and Energy Healer, and Neurosculpting Meditation Facilitator. In addition to her expertise in movement, yoga and somatics, Elisha is a professional dancer and choreographer who has performed and taught all over the world. She holds an MFA in Dance Performance and Choreography and a Certificate in Life Coaching. Whether in performance or healing Elisha believes every moment is potent and full of magic waiting to be experienced and shared.

3:15 "Color Mono-prints of Flowers"
Mono-printing workshop where students will create color inspired prints based on the flower arrangement session or other natural scenes at Julian Woods. The monotype process involves painting on plastic and printing the image on paper. Prints can be as representational or abstract as one chooses.

Presented by Mary Vollero Mary teaches art at Penn State and owns the Pink Church in Unionville.

3:15 "Ukulele Class Jam"
An introduction to ukulele for beginners and intermediate players. Players will learn different chords, strumming patterns and a few classic songs. All are welcome to just come and sing along if not interested in playing!

Presented by Mary Anne Cleary Mary Anne has had 16 years of experience in singing, and 2 years of Ukulele (self taught) and has been teaching for 8 years.

3:15 "Meditation for Kids"
Class will include a gentle loving-kindness, visualization, coloring, and conversation. As well as exploration of nature, imagination, and relaxation with the breath.

Presented by Gaby Winqvist Gaby has taught yoga and meditation for over 15yrs. Her work draws from Buddhist practices of mindfulness and compassion, the yoga tradition, the wisdom of nature, and modern science. She offers practices that are rooted in our bodies and the Earth and radiant with an open, accepting attitude towards ourselves, just as we are.

4:30 "Community Energy Sound Healing"

Join Terri & Desiree Dennis as they facilitate a community healing experience. All assembled will work together to give hands-on healing to each other, and also have the opportunity to receive healing energy from multiple people at once. The hands-on healing will be enhanced by sound healing with singing bowls, as well as group toning (singing.) If you have never experienced ​or​ given energy healing, this will be a wonderful introduction to the process. All levels welcome! ​​ ​

4:30 "Elemental Yoga"
A practice to nourish your body through connection to the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. In this class we will flow through a variety of standing and seated yoga poses, focusing on connecting to the energy of the elements and the subtle energies within. The class will finish with a guided elemental relaxation. This gentle yoga class is suitable for all levels.

Presented by Megan Marie Moore Megan is a healer and medicine woman who works on all levels of the body, mind, and spirit, using mediums such as energy work, massage therapy, movement, dance, yoga, and natural remedies through the use of essential oils, herbs, and crystals. She believes that our body/mind/spirit has access and is always trying to heal itself and that sometimes we simply need to be shown the way and held on the journey. Megan has a passion for helping others to heal by feeling their true soul essence, connecting them to the power of divine unconditional love, and bringing them home to themselves!

4:30 "Intro to Permaculture"

Presented by Michealanne Velicky This event is rain or shine and includes indoor and outdoor activities all within Julian Woods Community!

We have wooded walking trails and a pond for swimming. Please accompany your children and bring any necessary safety vests or floats with you.

If anyone is interested in camping please contact us at or

Donations are deeply appreciated but most of all we request your presence! All donations will support Turtle Way for hosting the event and bringing you more fun filled days of play!

Suggested donation $38 can be made the day of event (cash only) or to our GoFundMe campaign. 

For any questions please contact us at (814) 353-1270.


Come see our annual awesome Downtown Gallery SQuare Show!

This special show is a fundraiser for the Art Alliance Gallery Downtown, to help us keep a presence for our artists in downtown State College.

The opening on Wednesday was great fun but with over 300 pieces donated by local artists, there a few still left, so stop in during Arts Fest or during our gallery hours in the month of July to pick up some really great pieces for very reasonable prices!

This year all the awesome, donated artwork is SQuare! and comes in 3 sizes:

Small (6"x6")

Medium (12"x12")

Large (18"x18")

The artist's signature is on the back so the you won’t know who’s piece you’ve bought until you buy it!

Our gallery website for more details and information about future events is The gallery also has it's own email list which you can join by clicking here.

A HUGE THANK YOU! to all the amazing artists who donated their wonderful artwork for this show. The quality of work is really amazing and we can not express how much we appreciate the participation, time and energy that you put into this show.

You guys are the best!!


An Imagintion Celebration! continues

Bellefonte Art Museum

Thursdays and Fridays: 12:00 to 7:00 p.m.,

Saturdays & Sundays: 12:00 to 4:30 p.m.

Special Tenth Anniversary Summer Project, "An Imagination Celebration!"

This year’s project will feature interactive art activities in all the galleries at the museum and in partnership with several arts organizations in Happy Valley to bring a variety of events and activities designed to challenge your imagination and stimulate creative juices! The programs are designed for ages 2 to 102! During the Project months of June and July, the museum will be open Thursday through Sunday, welcoming families, friends and visitors. Each gallery activity will be influenced by an internationally known artist offering an activity that is fun and creative. Join us and challenge yourself!

CoCreating Activities at the Museum: June & July

Windows Gallery - Painting Murals/Doodles & Creating Wood Assemblage

Visitors will be painting murals inspired by Diego Rivera and creating wood assemblage art inspired by artists like Pablo Picasso, Robert Rauschenberg and Louise Nevelson. If putting a brush to paper intimidates you, color in the doodles created by several of the museum's artists.

Art Tea Room Gallery - Punch Rug Station (June) & Mobile Art Projects (July)

Community Gallery - Infinity Room with Dots

Visitors will be invited to add “Dots” to our infinity room to help experience this unique space. The infinity room is inspired by the life work of artist, Yayoi Kusama, who said, “Our Earth is only one polka dot among a million stars in the Universe”. Kusama wanted to help people experience the wonder of life and the vastness of the universe.

Photography Gallery - Photo Wall & Wishing Tree and Life Circles

A Family Room will include a Photo Wall and Wishing Tree inspired by Yoko Ono and Life Circles inspired by the Native American tradition of ‘Winter Counts’. Materials will be available to create the wishes and circles and guests are encouraged to bring their own photos. (Photos may be damaged in hanging cannot be returned.)

Children’s Centre - Lego Portraits

Lego Paintings inspired by artist Ai Weiwei. Create portraits by using Legos create images in Legos. Use our images or bring a photo of yourself in a large size.

Bellefonte Art Museum, 133 North Allegheny Street, Bellefonte, PA 16823 // 814-355-4280


Member News

Anni Matsick is in the PA Art of the State!

Pennsylvania Art of the State

The State Museum, Harrisburg

June 24 - September 9

Sept 9, Gallery Walk and exhibition closing


Anni Matsick, Tom Mickle, Mike Demi are in the Penn College Juried Regional Exhibition

Penn College Juried Regional Exhibition 2018

The Gallery at Penn College

May 29–July 27

Summer hours: Tuesday–Thursday, 10–5; Friday 10–1; Sunday 1–4

Experience fine art by emerging and established contemporary artists. This open themed exhibition highlights recent work in a variety of styles and media by artists living within 100 miles of Williamsport, PA. The Gallery at Penn College is proud to showcase the diverse artwork produced in our creative community. Congratulations Anni & Tom for getting into the show!


Stacie Bird has a new show "Centro" at the Green Drake in Milheim up now through the end of June!

May 4–June 30

at the Green Drake Gallery & Arts Center

101 Main Street, Millheim, PA

Come on out to Milheim and check out Stacie Bird's new show, "Centro," this month and next at the Green Drake Gallery.

This show features photographs Stacie took in the colonial town of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.


A Different Way of Seeing

an abstract show

opening reception Sunday, June 24, 3:30–5pm

Foxdale Village Art Gallery

2nd floor, ask for directions at the front desk

500 East Marylyn Avenue, State College, PA 16801

show runs through August 6

Come out to the opening reception of A Different Way of Seeing abstraction show at the Foxdale Village Art Gallery Sunday, June 24 from 3:30–5pm

artists include: Jean Giddings, Mary Deutch, Mary McGuire, Deena Ultman, Susan Graham, Chuck Fong, Robert Placky, Melinda Curley, Jean Forsberg, Barbara Metzner, Wendy Snetsinger

Refreshments will be served

Foxdale Village website


A→CHROMATIC: Drawings and Paintings, 2013 – 2018

Paintings by J. Harlan Ritchey

Reception: June 7, 6–8pm

HUB Gallery May 29 – July 28, 2018

A→CHROMATIC represents a comprehensive overview of painter J. Harlan Ritchey’s artistic development and coincides with the 5-year anniversary of his introduction to the gallery world.

The subject matter of A→CHROMATIC can be divided into four broad genres: landscape, still life, floral, and abstract. Within each of these genres Ritchey works to explore specific themes and emphasize the elements that he considers to be most conducive to those themes. In the landscape genre, those themes are a connection to perspective and place while the floral genre explores a connection to rhythm and color; the still life genre emphasizes a connection to composition and form, and the abstract genre’s theme focuses on a connection to pattern and theory. Each image carries a range of art-historical, cultural, and biographical influences but invites the viewer to arrive at their own aesthetic or critical judgements.

J. Harlan Ritchey received his BA in Filmmaking from Penn State in 1999, with Honors in Visual Arts. He is a self-taught artist and has for the past several years done fine art and illustration commissions for a range of local and national clients. Ritchey’s first public exhibition was in 2013, and in 2015 he began teaching art classes. He currently lives and works in State College, PA.


Art Alliance & Art Alliance Gallery Downtown Events

Come see our annual awesome Downtown Gallery SQuare Show!

This special show is a fundraiser for the Art Alliance Gallery Downtown, to help us keep a presence for our artists in downtown State College.

The opening on Wednesday was great fun but with over 300 pieces donated by local artists, there a few still left, so stop in during Arts Fest or during our gallery hours in the month of July to pick up some really great pieces for very reasonable prices!

This year all the awesome, donated artwork is SQuare! and comes in 3 sizes:

Small (6"x6")

Medium (12"x12")

Large (18"x18")

The artist's signature is on the back so the you won’t know who’s piece you’ve bought until you buy it!

Our gallery website for more details and information about future events is The gallery also has it's own email list which you can join by clicking here.


A HUGE THANK YOU! to all the amazing artists who donated their wonderful artwork for this show. The quality of work is really amazing and we can not express how much we appreciate the participation, time and energy that you put into this show.

You guys are the best!!


Calls for Entry

Want to paint Street Pianos in Lycoming?

Proposal deadline is July 20!!!

Lycoming Arts is seeking design proposals for the first of several "Street Pianos" to grace our downtown.

Please submit your proposed designs to no later than July 20th, 2018. DEADLINE EXTENDED!

The artist invited to transform our first piano will be awarded $250.

Please contact Lycoming Arts with any questions!


Open Call for Entries at the Station Gallery!

2018 Regional Juried 2D/3D Show

Entrie due Sun, July 29 by midnight

Acceptance notification Wed, Aug 1

deliver artwork to Station Gallery Sat or Sun, Aug 4 or 5

opening reception and awards Fri, Aug 10

pick up artwork, Sun, Sept 8

Eligibility: open to 2D & 3D artists over 18 years of age, living within 150 miles. All artwork must be original work, created within the past 3 years. Work that has won an award previously at the Station Gallery is not eligible. All media welcome ( except photograph).

Cost: members - up to 3 entries for $15 total; non-members - up to 3 entries for $25 total

Submit online digital entry as JPG image, no larger than 5 MB each. Email to On subject line write: 2d3d regional CCAC2018 identify each jpq with your name and title.

Monetary awards will total $500: Best in Show, 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, Sponsor's Choice Ribbon Awards: Honorable Mentions as determined by the judge

Click here for a PDF file of entry rules etc. 

Click here for a PDF file for the tags to put on your entry.

Clinton County Arts Council & Station Gallery
2 E. Bald Eagle Street
Lock Haven, PA 17745


Call for Entries: PCCA’s Annual Juried Exhibition

Entry forms are due on Friday, August 31

Perry County Council of the Arts (PCCA) is now accepting entries for its Annual Juried Exhibition, which will be on display at Landis House, 67 N. Fourth Street, Newport, PA, from November 16, 2018 to January 18, 2019.

All original artwork is eligible for entry in the categories: Painting; Water Media; Photography and Digital; 3-Dimensional art (sculpture, pottery, jewelry, fiber, etc.); and Other Media (pastel, mixed media, drawing, collage, printmaking, encaustic). Work previously shown in PCCA exhibits will not be accepted, and artwork must have been completed within the last three years.

The juror for the 2018 Annual Juried Exhibition is Penny Griffin Lutz, Director of The Gallery at Penn College, Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Lutz earned a BA from Northern Arizona University, and an MA from Bloomsburg University. She is passionate about the arts and has been involved in the arts sector as a creator, advocate, manager or director for more than 20 years.

A total of $1,500 in cash prizes will be awarded, including:
• Best of Show, All Media – $250
• First Place in each category – $100
• Second Place in each category – $75
• Third Place in each category – $50
• People’s Choice Award – $125

For additional entry guidelines, visit

PCCA’s Annual Juried Exhibition will open with an artists’ reception on Friday, November 16 from 6 to 8:30 p.m., with presentation of awards at 6:30 p.m.

For more information on other programs & services provided by the Perry County Council of the Arts (PCCA), please call 717-567-7023 or visit

PCCA receives state arts funding support through a grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.


Member Events Archives

Click on the link to see our archives of past art events and announcments.