Pots & Prints

October 18–November 27

Foxdale Village Retirement Community

opening reception Sunday, October 21, 3:30–5pm

Pots and Prints is one of three exhibitions in 2018 that the Art Alliance has presented at Foxdale Village Retirement Community. The facility has a spacious art gallery with rotating shows to be enjoyed by residents, their families, and other visitors. This show will feature art by some of the leading printmakers in the area as well as students from Art Alliance classes taught by Ingrid Booz Morejohn. The second medium represented in this show is ceramics, with pieces exhibited by members of the Art Alliance Potters Guild.

Combining two mediums in a show is interesting if there is some connection between them. Printmaking and pottery go well together because they are both very process-driven, with many of the defining elements of each medium coming from the exploration, not only of color and composition, but from process-related practices. These two mediums are defined by repetition and duplication. Patterns are often used in both mediums and compliment the quality of same-but-different, in these repetition-based practices.

The public is invited to meet the artists at the reception on October 21, 3:30–5pm. Visitors are also welcome on weekdays 9 am – 5pm during the run of the show.


Abstraction Show 2018 Call for Entries

Abstraction Show 2018

November 9–18

opening reception Nov 9, 7–9pm

Art Alliance Art Center

Entries due, Thur, Nov 1

Entry Process & Fee

Each artist can submit one piece. Entry forms together with the entry fee (checks to be payable to Art Alliance) are now being accepted. The absolute last date to enter is Thursday, November 1. Entry fees are nonrefundable and may be paid by check, credit card, or online. If payment is made online, an entry form must also be submitted either by mail (PO Box 811, Lemont, PA 16851) or email ( or dropped off at our office, 824 Pike Street, Lemont, PA at the back of the Gallery Shop..


STUDENT $20--college or high school; MEMBER $30; NON-MEMBER $40

Click here for a PDF of the entry form

Click here to PAY ONLINE

You must fill out and send your entry form to the Art Alliance by Nov 1. You may email the entry form to or mail to PO Box 811, Lemont, PA 16851. You can also drop the entry form off at our office, at the back of the Gallery Shop, 824 Pike Street, Lemont, PA 1681. The Art Alliance must receive the entry form by the end of the day, November 1.

Eligible Work

Two- and three-dimensional works that have not received awards in previous Art Alliance shows are eligible. All works must be original. All work must be securely wired and ready to hang. Poorly framed work, unframed work, clips, brackets, partial frames or wet work will not be accepted. Unframed stretched canvases are acceptable if they have finished sides and secure wiring. All pieces underglass or plexiglass must be framed. 3-D work may not be heavier than 100 pounds. The piece must be stable in its position and securely attached to its base.

Sales & Conditions

Works may be for sale. The Art Alliance will charge a commission of 20% of the selling price for work sold at the show. The Art Alliance is not responsible for lost or damaged works.

Show Dates & Hours

The exhibit will open Friday, November 9 and continue through Sunday, November 18. Gallery hours are Wednesday–Friday, Sunday 12–5, Saturdays 10–5. The exhibit will be closed Monday and Tuesday.


The opening reception will be held on Friday, November 9 from 7–9 pm. Artists are asked to bring either food or wine to share or to add $5 to their entry fee to help cover expenses for the reception. Prize winners will be announced at the reception.

Receiving & Retrieving Work

Artists must deliver their work to the Art Alliance on Thursday, Nov 8 from 4–7 pm. Please have labels completed and attached (see reverse side of this page). Please pick up your artwork on Sunday, Nov 18,between 5–6 pm. We have no additional storage space so please respect the pick-up date.

About the Juror

Jennifer Kane is a contemporary artist working in Central Pennsylvania and Southern California. She studied art, science, and theater at the University of Illinois, graduating with a BFA and MFA before moving to the State College area, where she has a dual career as a costume designer and conservation artist.

Recent work is informed by her study of climate change, featuring new ways of using materials to physically interpret her subject and observations. The resulting mixed media works on paper were accepted into the main division of the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts in 2018. This was Jennifer’s 15th year as a participating artist at the festival, where she has been an award winning invited artist.

Jennifer’s other current abstract works include ‘Into the Future’, a digital landscape series about construction and destruction from her own on-site photos of concrete, and ‘Access Series’, colorful portraits of utility access portals with a corresponding essay about American access to power and sanitation.

Jennifer was chosen to represent Joshua Tree National Park for the 2017-18 season, where she wrote and led an immersive, art-based interpretive program serving park-goers of all ages from around the world. She would like to thank Michael Mann (Climatologist and geophysicist, currently director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University), and Chris Forest (Professor of Climate Dynamics Associate Director, Network for Sustainable Climate Risk Management at PSU) for their support and contributions to her climate work.


Fall Art Classes 2018

Two 4-week classes coming up -- click here for link. Please click here for a PDF file of the Fall Classes

Gelli Plate Printing with Ingrid Booz Morejohn -- 4-week class starting Monday, October 15!

Mondays, 6–9pm

Exploring Pastels with Alice Kelsey -- 4-week class starting, Wednesday, October 17

Wednesdays 9–12am

Sign up for classes now! Online registration available, click here or call our office at 814-234-2740.


Member News — find more Member News on our Art News page

Street Photography: People and Patterns, a 3-day show, goes up at the Art Alliance, Friday, October 19

Street Photography: People and Patterns
an art show with artwork by Stacie Bird, Anne Cortese, Karen Deutsch & Adrienne Waterston

Friday, Ocober 19–21

Art Alliance of Central PA Art Center

818 Pike Street, Lemont, PA

opening reception Friday, October 19, 7–9pm

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY--People & Patterns Street Photography, as defined by Wikipedia, is photography conducted for art or enquiry that features unmediated chance encounters and random incidents within public places.

The four women in this exhibit, Stacie Bird, Anne Cortese, Karen Deutsch, and Adrienne Waterston, are guilty of finding uniqueness in the ordinary, beauty in the everyday, of seeing minute details in simple shapes, commonality in diversity, and loving the process of documenting it.

These artists are curious. They notice things others might not. They anthropomorphize. They pay attention to shadows, fleeting light, textures, the affect of rain. As Adrienne observes, “as I walk around, I am attracted to certain things, consistently drawn to examine them closer, and I wonder about them. … I like to take pictures of them, as a way of capturing a visual record of those musings, wonderings, and appreciations, to share a small part of those moments.”

Photographers like Anne Cortese capture chance encounters of people strolling, sitting and stopping along the streets and alleyways. “One of life's great pleasures is walking the streets of great cities and small towns. The architecture, light, storefronts and people are a feast for our eyes and souls. If you've been to Lewisburg and watched the sun play on the row houses, or strolled through Manhattan and smiled at fashion on young and old, or marveled at shops on century old streets in Paris - you know that joy.”

They may freeze or blur a body in motion, enjoy and share a moment of laughter, or evoke through their photos the stillness of sorrow. They do this truthfully, and ultimately artfully.

To Stacie Bird, “Street photography offers me the chance to find beauty in the mundane, patterns in the man-made, and challenges me to record people interacting with their environments. Small towns, big cities and country roads offer endless opportunities to capture fleeting instances, like clouds passing in front of the sun or shadows on the pavement. The spontaneous nature of street photography appeals to me, because even when photographing the same spot repeatedly, something is sure to change and keep me coming back for more.”

Hopefully, the viewer will come away with an appreciation of the genre of Street Photography and the artists that engage in it.


In “Street Photography—People and Patterns”, many of these moments, unframed and affordable, will be exhibited for your enjoyment at the Art Alliance, October 19–21st. Join us for an opening reception, Friday, October 19, 7-9pm; Saturday the show will be open 10–4 and Sunday 12–4.

See more Art News on our Art News page!! Openings, exhibitions, art around town, etc.

Please contact us via email if you would like your event on our website!


Artist Ceci Rusnak has her artwork in two shows in PA

"Inspired!" will be at the Harlan Gallery, Seton Hill University, Greensburg, now through Oct. 17

"Eye on the Needle" will be at The Bottleworks, Johnstown, Oct. 17-Nov. 30


"¡Viva Mexico!" up at the State College Framing Co starting this Saturday, October 13

¡Viva Mexico! with art by Stacie Bird, Elli Groninger, and Harriet Rosenberg

October 13–November 17

Dia de Muertos reception, Friday, November 2, 5–8pm

State College Framing Company & Gallery

in the South Hills Mall off S. Atherton

"Viva Mexico" is going up now at the State College Framing Company & Gallery! This show features artwork by artists Stacie Bird, Elli Groninger of Crash & Burn Metal Art, and Harriet Rosenberg!

The show will be open starting Sat October 13 and run through Sat Nov 17. We will have an artist reception on Fri November 2, from 5 pm till 8 pm. The food and beverage will certainly reflect the culture of Mexico. See you there!


Holiday Gift Gallery coming in November & December at the AAGD!

November 2–December 24

opening reception Friday, November 2, 6–8pm

Art Alliance Gallery Downtown

123 S. Fraser Street, Downtown State College (in the MLK plaze next to the Fraser Street Garage)

gallery hours: Thur, Fri & Sat, 12–6pm; Sun, 12–4pm

The Art Alliance Gallery Downtown is having a special Holiday Gift Gallery at the Art Alliance Gallery Downtown this November & December, opening with a reception Friday, November 2, from 6–8pm.

The Gift Gallery will feature unique gift items for the holiday season by Pennsylvania artists and artisans. Stop in for beautiful 3D and 2D artwork, ceramics, jewelry and more, all great gifts for that special someone in your life.

Come on down to the Art Alliance Gallery Downtown this holiday season to pick up that special something for your special someones.


Pop Up Art Classes!

We have some new awesome Pop Up Art Classes coming up in Sept/Oct/Nov. Check out our Art Classes page to find out more.

Tai Chi of Drawing Techniques -- Gesture Drawing -- Session 2

Art Alliance Art Center

Thursday, October 18, 1–3pm

with instructor Ann Taylor Schmidt

Do you want to challenge your fear of the blank page? Add expressive movement to your compositions? Feel the fun of drawing? Ann Taylor-Schmidt will lead you through several exercises, laughing and approaching drawings from a whole new moving, sculptural and vibrant perspective, using gesture drawing. You’ll learn new ways to approach drawing trees, people, even bouquets, and have some fun doing it. Bring your drawing materials including large paper, charcoal, a fine point marker, a ballpoint pen. and your exploring spirit. Large sheets of paper will be provided for some of the exercises, too. Gesture drawing will soon become your favorite approach!

Snacks and drinks are included, as well as all necessary supplies.
At the end of the two hours you will have a finished piece of art to take home!
This is one in a series of four Pop-Up Drawing Classes with instructor Ann Taylor-Schmidt (the series repeats in October) TO SIGN UP you must CALL 814-234-2740 or EMAIL us at
Fee: $20 per class or $70 for all 4


Geometric Framework & Negative Space -- Session 2

Art Alliance Art Center

Thursday, October 25, 1–3pm

with instructor Ann Taylor Schmidt

Bring negative space out of the background. Give it a positive spin. Learn the design concept using the strength of negative space in your art. Build object-frames. Learn how to see and shade geometric shapes, forming convincing objects. Explore perspective, values, shapes and form. Learn to squint, improve your art and have fun!

Snacks and drinks are included, as well as all necessary supplies.
At the end of the two hours you will have a finished piece of art to take home!
This is one in a series of four Pop-Up Drawing Classes with instructor Ann Taylor-Schmidt (the series repeats in October) TO SIGN UP you must CALL 814-234-2740 or EMAIL us at
Fee: $20 per class or $70 for all 4


The Edgy Art of Contour Drawing -- Session 2

Art Alliance Art Center

Thursday, November 1, 1–3pm

with instructor Ann Taylor Schmidt

Learn and practice a drawing technique focusing on detail, texture and contour. Practice slowly transposing the fine edge details and cross-contours of nature to give your art a real-feel and unique you-are-there energy. Turn generic looking drawings into a slice the actual natural world. Become a more sensitive nature artist. Focusing on this drawing technique can be meditative and calming as well.

Snacks and drinks are included, as well as all necessary supplies.
At the end of the two hours you will have a finished piece of art to take home!
This is one in a series of four Pop-Up Drawing Classes with instructor Ann Taylor-Schmidt (the series repeats in November) TO SIGN UP you must CALL 814-234-2740 or EMAIL us at
Fee: $20 per class or $70 for all 4


Mindfulness Through Drawing

Art Alliance Art Center

Friday, November 2, 7-9 pm

with Kirsten Grigor

Mindfulness Meditation has gained credibility as a pathway to a more fulfilling life. In this class we will work toward reaching that relaxed zen-like zone through sketching. We will draw from our imagination and find inspiration in our natural and manmade surroundings to create compositions of pattern and shape. Repetition of small but gestural marks will bring your heart rate and breathing rate down, allowing you to be present and reach a more centered and relaxed state all while creating a beautiful and textural freehand drawing.

Snacks and drinks are included, as well as all necessary supplies.
At the end of the two hours you will have a finished piece of art to take home!
Fee: $20
Contact the Art Alliance at or call the office at 814-234-2740 to sign up before the class.


Creative Journaling via Creative Writing and Nature Drawing -- Session 2

Art Alliance Art Center

Thursday, November 8, 1–3pm

with instructor Ann Taylor Schmidt

Journaling in nature can calm, inspire and promote creativity. Bring your journal – blank or partially full – and some drawing pens and pencils. We’ll work through exercises in writing and drawing to add some techniques to your toolbox. Drawing from nature can center you and eliminate distractions, which can lead to better flow in your writing. It can also help you ask more questions to lead yourself in the lifelong learning of discovery that all the details of nature affords. We’ll may throw some poetry in for good measure.

Snacks and drinks are included, as well as all necessary supplies.
At the end of the two hours you will have a finished piece of art to take home!
This is one in a series of four Pop-Up Drawing Classes with instructor Ann Taylor-Schmidt (the series repeats in November) TO SIGN UP you must CALL 814-234-2740 or EMAIL us at
Fee: $20 per class or $70 for all 4


Introduction to Soapstone Carving

with Chris Bittner

Monday, November 19, 7–9:30pm

Students will be introduced to soapstone as an easy-to-carve artistic material. We will learn about soapstone's origins, uses and properties, proper use of tools and safety practices. During the class, each student will use rasps and sandpaper to carve and polish one or two small pieces that may be pendants or small sculptures. Students will keep their pieces and take home a new artistic skill.

Snacks and drinks are included, as well as all necessary supplies.
At the end of the two hours you will have a finished piece of art to take home!
Fee: $20 plus a $5 materials fee
Contact the Art Alliance at or call the office at 814-234-2740 to sign up before the class.


Upcoming Workshops

Linocut relief printmaking workshop with Ingrid Booz Morejohn

Art Alliance Art Center

818 Pike Street, Lemont, PA

November 3–4 (Sat & Sun);
10am–4pm each day

All materials included. Learn the basics of relief printmaking with one of the simplest and oldest forms of printmaking. You will learn how to design, carve, ink and print linocuts in color. We will explore color mixing, multiple color blocks and print registration. We use easy to cut materials to carve our plate and supply all materials needed. Level: Suitable for beginners.

Not available yet for sign up. Please stay tuned for additional infomation.


speaking of supporting the arts...

Join the growing ranks of Rent Angels!

As part of a sustainted effort to keep the downtown gallery open and operational as an art gallery, the Art Alliance has initiated a "Rent Angels" program through which members of the public can sponsor the gallery for a month.

Click here for a link to the letter for more information about the program and how you can join this growing cohort of community-minded, art-loving individuals in helping to keep fine art an integral part of downtown State College.

Also feel free to contact our office to speak with Marie Doll at 814-234-2740 or email us at with questions, etc.

A huge

Thank You

to our current Rent Angels:

Tom and Paulette Berner

Heidi Nicholas & Bruce Fleisher

Ed and Charlene Friedman

Elizabeth Kirchner

John and Cinda Kostyak

Robert and Ann Pangborn

Thomazine Shanahan

Dolores Taricani

Don and Peggy Zimmerman

McQuaido Blasko, Thomas Miller

Rapid Transit, Terry Loesch

The Tavern Restaurant, Pat Daugherty


Our Members' Artwork Around Town -- Outreach Exhibitions

These outreach exhibitions that are in place throughout town accomplish two of our goals as your community art organization. They provide the opportunity for individuals to be inspired by art in places they go for other reasons - banks, theatres, libraries and retirement communities. For our featured artist members, these exhibitions allow them to take their work, usually sold in galleries and juried shows, and present it in a more public venue.

Our current outreach exhibitions in the community:

BB&T Bank, College Ave. downtown J. Harlan Ritchey, pen & ink drawings October/November
BB&T Bank, N. Atherton near Giant Nicole Packard, abstract paintings October/November
BB&T Bank, E. College Ave, near Nittany Mall Jan Riggio, multiple mediums October/November
The Corner Room Kevin Reilly, photography October/November
Juniper Village at Brookline Stacie Bird, photographs October/November
Liberty Craft House Kevin Reilly, photography October/November
Portfolio, A Salon Molly Allen, watercolor paintings October/November
The State Theatre 80th Anniverary Exhibtion
SPE Fed Credit Union, Science Park Dr. State College Photo Club, photography October/November
The Field Restaurant The Farmland Preservation Artists,
assorted artists and media
rotating artwork by FPA artists
The Village at Penn State Name, Medium Dates

Members who would like to be considered for an outreach exhibition should contact Marie at the office: 814-234-2740 or email

Other Member Shows

These members have let us know that they have work in the following exhibitions and venues. YOU CAN TOO! Please tell us if you are having an exhibition somewhere so we can help get the word out to those who are interested in visiting.

Art Alliance Art Center, 818 Pike Street, Lemont, PA 16851 Street Photography: People & Patterns photography show with work by Stacie Bird, Anne Cortese, Karen Deutsch, and Adrienne Waterston October 19–21 with an opening reception, Fri, Nov 19, 7–9pm; open Sat 10–4, Sun 12–4
Art Alliance Gallery Downtown, 123 S. Fraser Street, State College, PA 16801 Holiday Gift Gallery unique gifts for the holidays by local artists and artisans Grand Opening Reception, Friday, November 2, 6–8pm! runs through December 24
Art Association of Harrisburg, 21 N Front Street, Harrisburg 17101 Pastiche II, fall membership exhibition, Anni Matsick with “On Mother’s Knee”-1st Prize Watercolor and “The Berry Stealer" Opening reception during the Harrisburg Gallery Walk, Sunday, Sept 9, 11am–6pm; Sept 9–Oct 11
Bellefonte Art Museum,
Community Gallery
Jean Forsberg — This exhibit is a collaboration between painter and quilter. It was inspired by the medieval city of Sijilmasa located at the northern edge of the Sahara Desert in Morocco. Both Jean and Doug will be on-hand Sunday, September 2nd to share the inspiration and process behind this unique project.
Aug 31–Sept 30
Bellefonte Art Museum,
Pottery Gallery, NEW!
New line up of potters for October — The Potter's Guild of Central Pennsylvania was established in 1971 as a co-operative and studio workshop for local potters.
Bellefonte Art Museum,
Photography Gallery
name, medium
Bellefonte Art Museum,
Print Gallery
Paulette Berner & JE Crum
Aug 31–Nov 25
Bellefonte Art Museum,
Print Gallery
Roxanne Naydan
Aug 31–Sept 30
Betsy Rodgers Allen Gallery, Schlow Library Chuck Fong "In the Street and At the Fair", photography October 2018
The Bottleworks, Johnstown, PA Ceci Rusnak"Eye on the Needle" October 17–November 30
Café Lemont name, medium

Common Place, 115 S. Fraser Street, State College, PA
name, medium date
Cool Beans coffee house, Bellefonte, PA
Lisa Beightol Sept 1–Oct 31
Otto's Pub & Brewery, N. Atherton, State College, PA
name, medium
Expect More Store, Kish Bank, 114 S. Allen St, State College, PA
R Thomas Berner, "Travel Pixels", photography November 2018 with an artist's reception, Nov 2, 5–7pm
Foxdale Village, 500 E Marylyn Ave, State College, PA
7 on the Square Karen Deutch, Marie Draguns, Manya Shoket Goldstein, Ruth Kempner, Elizabeth Kirchner, Rhonda Stern, Adrienne Waterston opening reception Sunday, August 19, 3:30-5:00 — show runs through October 15
Foxdale Village, 500 E Marylyn Ave, State College, PA
Pots & Prints, an Art Alliance show assorted artists opening reception Sunday, October 21, 3:30-5:00pm — show runs through the end of November
Harlan Gallery, Seaton Hill University, Greensburg
Ceci Rusnak, "Inspired!"Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh Membership Exhibition 2018 now through Oct 17
Philadelphia Watercolor Society, Wayne Art Center, 413 Maplewood Avenue, Wayne PA 19087
118th International Anniversary Works on Paper Exhibition Anni Matsick, “TWO" Lena Thynell, “Frosty Country Morning" October 14–November 20
Spinning Plate Gallery, 5821 Baum Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15206
PWCS's Aqueous 72nd Annual International Exhibition, Aqueous Open 2018 Anni Matsick with “Girl With Pink Ribbon” October 14–November 20
State College Framing Company & Gallery Christine Stangle ceramics September & October? 2018
State College Framing Company & Gallery Viva Mexico! Stacie Bird, Elli Groninger, Harriet Rosenberg October 13–November 17, 2018 with a special Dia de Muertos reception, Friday, November 2, from 5–8pm
Webster's Bookstore & Cafe, 133 E. Beaver Ave State College, PA show artist date

If you are an artist member and would like to have a listing here please contact the office with the details at

Volunteer Spotlight

Many, many thanks to all our hardworking volunteers. The Art Alliance could not do all that we do without you and your great ideas, your energy and your spirit. Here is one example of one our awesome volunteers and how they are making a difference for the Art Alliance.

We will be featuring our stellar volunteers on a regular basis on our About Us page under Volunteer Spotlight. So if you know someone you would like to see in our Volunteer Spotlight, please contact the office at 814-234-2740 or email us at We know we have a lot of deserving members!

stacie bird volunteer spotlightChris Bittner

I volunteer for the Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania because I love art, artists and helping to bring culture and beauty to the community. Having a group of like-minded people doing what I do in so many different media inspires and pushes me to push myself. The Art Alliance is a vital part of Happy Valley and I awn honored and happy to play a part.

Chris Bittner is a sculptor, art lover and Art Alliance Board member. He lives in Lemont, PA with his lovely wife, Jennifer.


Call for entries! Our annual Abstraction Show is back! entry deadline is Thur, Nov 1.

Pots & Prints, a new show at Foxdale opens this Thursday with an artist reception Sunday, October 21 from 3:30–5pm

Check out our upcoming Pop-Up Art Classes!

Fall 2018 Teacher Inservice Days Art Classes available for signup now

Holiday Gift Gallery at the AAGD in Nov & Dec -- find out more

Artist members shows around town -- see Member Shows section!

Be sure to visit our Calls for Entry section for art shows calls for entry and other art opportunites

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